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The Prayer Garden


The wide-open gates and open invitation. Take a step inside and surround yourself in the beauty of this place.

Take a seat on the bench and listen to the silence as you breath deep the fragrance of the surrounding trees and flowers.

Let go of the troubles that plague your heart. Talk to the Father; He is ready to listen. You're not alone. He understands your every need. The storms that rage in life and toss you about remember you are already anchored to Him; He will never let go.

Don't be afraid to share all your concerns with Him. He has the strength to carry it all. Have faith and trust Him. He hears the prayers carried to Him as He listens to us.

So, pour out your heart to Him. Let Him carry you through your troubles, enfolding yourself in His care. Take your time talking to Him. No need to rush. Let His presence surround you in this wonderful place. Let Him speak to you as you finish. His guiding hand will never lead us astray.

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