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Worship Expectations

Below you will find our expectations for worship team members.

-As we direct the congregation in music, we must lead by example through our attitudes and expressions of worship—worship while you’re up front.

-Understand that you are an integral part of cultivating the atmosphere of worship at Chapel Church.

-Come to rehearsals and services prepared. Use Planning Center Online to look at the music, listen to the songs, and practice them during the upcoming week.

-Rehearsal isn’t a time to learn songs, but to perfect them.

-Hone your instrumental or vocal skills by continually practicing and finding new ways to improve (YouTube tutorials, lessons, etc.). We aren’t looking for perfection, but expect you to take your craft seriously.

-Be punctual for Wednesday night rehearsal and Sunday morning practice.

          Wednesday Night: 6PM for vocalists, 6:20PM for instrumentalists
          Sunday Morning: 9:15AM for all

-If you have time, listen to the week’s songs even if you aren’t scheduled so you are familiar with what we are singing on Sunday…you can play the same cultivating role in the congregation just as you do up front!

-Become familiar with Planning Center Online, our worship planning site, and respond to communications made to you. If you need help with it, just ask Matt!

-Please notify Matt of days you are unable to be in attendance through Planning Center Online’s Blockout Dates feature (click here for a tutorial).

-Be aware of your appearance. Be comfortable, but be appropriate. Ask yourself: does what I wear distract others from worshipping?

-It is important that your family supports your involvement in this ministry, and accepts your time commitment to it. Your family should be your priority when considering any involvement here at Chapel Church.