Chapel Church has a strong history of adult ministry classes and leaders. We seek to offer opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth to anyone interested. Please look below at our current courses. If you are interested in joining a class or have questions, please contact George Bradshaw at 717-244-6375 x107 or

Sunday Morning

• God and Bible

  • Open to everyone, regardless of age or scriptural knowledge, with focused attention on the Bible itself—what’s in it and why it is essential to gain foundational knowledge of its teachings.

• Crusaders for Christ 

  • Class includes many individuals, including couples and singles, covering a wide range, teaching biblical principles using books, video lessons, and other materials.

• Families for Christ

  • Group of many ages and lifestyles but share a goal to grow families in the knowledge and intimacy of Christ. Teaching varies but typically involves a video with a study guide. 

• Women Together

  • It offers a welcoming environment for all women, a place to belong and grow spiritually.

• Partners with Christ

  • Are we “partners of Christ?” How is that even possible? He is God-Made-Man. What could Christ get from a partnership with many hapless sinners like us?

• Couples for Christ

  • Couples have devoted themselves to both the Lord and each other, intending to mature as individuals who reflect the values of the Christian faith. Their primary objective is to raise families founded on Christian principles and imbued with the love and service of God.



If you want to join a class or Bible study or have questions about this material, don’t hesitate to contact the Church Office at 717-244-6375.