Back in 2017, we went through a sermon series called My Story: Living the Story You Want to Tell. In our study, we discussed the decisions we make, and how they will affect the stories we tell tomorrow. As our awareness of Christ's present in our lives is heightened, we grow out of our comfort zones and take a step of faith. These stories we have aren't just encouragement, but a reminder to remain open to the Holy Spirit's impact on our story.

Following that series, we began filming testimonies of members of our congregation, asking them to tell their story of God working in their lives. Lifetimes of reflections have been shared, all with the resounding theme that we all have a story to tell. Take a listen to these stories! It is our hope that you not only learn more about these individuals, but that you see the stories God has placed on their hearts, and learn the impact He can have on our lives.

Lois Ludwig

Norma Thompson

Phyllis Henry

Tim Lauer